Friday, June 30, 2006

I was working on the Christmas stocking for my god-daughter this morning. I put my headphones on and was listening to some praise music in Russian while I worked. And I realised how grateful I was to be crocheting in Italy.

I decided I needed to find a yarn shop here and I did.

I purchased a wonderful skein of yarn that is multi colored. I also bought a set of knitting needles. I decided it would give my wrist a break if I alternated between a knitting and crocheting project. I found the yarn shop to be a combination lingerie and yarn shop. I guess they do things a little bit different here.

I had to wait two hours for St. Claire's Basilica to open up. People were standing around with nothing to do. I was sitting comfortably on a bench overlooking the valley below and I was knitting. Thank goodness my first priority of the morning was finding that yarn shop!


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