Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Make up, books or yarn?

I loaded Rhianna (my goddaughter) into the backpack and we went bye bye today. We were finally able to get over to the yarn store by the Baptist Church.

I think that store is now my favorite. It was mostly just a yarn store. They did have some lingerie but not as much as most of the others. There was a wide range of colors and they prices were great.

The stores name is Lana Gatto (the bag features a photo of a cat)
The address is Piazza S. Lorenzo In Lucina, 38 and the phone number is 06-6876547

I also went to Anglo American Bookstore and The Lion Book Shop and Cafe. Both places specialize in English books. Each store had one knitting book and The Lion Book Shop had a book on thread crochet. I didn't spend any of my precious euros there.

I also found the MAC store here in Rome. I am running low on foundation but I can always order something from the internet store. I didn't spend my precious euros there either.

What did I spend my precious euros on?
Yarn! I have to make the skull beanie for my oldest sons birthday. He will be 19 in August!


Blogger Gigi said...

I LOVE this hat. Would you be willing to share the basic pattern (i.e. double crochet counts/rows, and is that sc for the rest?)

5:38 PM  
Blogger blackpurl said...

I found all the details for the hat at the link below. I wish I could claim it as an original idea but, I cannot!


6:40 PM  

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